In the observance of this year’s Fire Prevention Month, the Bangar Fire Station headed by SFO4 Alexander R Agoot, OIC Municipal Fire Marshal conducted massive information drives by rendering lectures on fire prevention and conduct of fire drills to different sectors of the community. One of the highlights of said activities was the gracing of the General Assembly of the clients of the San Fernando City Parole and Probation office composing the eighty clients coming from the different towns of the first district of La Union on March 15, 2013, wherein FO3 Raymond Gabay gave a comprehensive lecture about Fire Prevention Tips and some salient features of RA 9514, the law governing the Fire Code of the Philippines. The eighty clients along with their family members were thankful that they have gained additional knowledge and practical tips on how to avoid destructive fires. In another setting the group of SFO2 Candido Balala, FO3 Raymond Gabay and FO3 Reynante Castillo, with the direct supervision of SFO4 Alexander Agoot, accorded the Boy Scouts of Ayaoan Elementary School on their camporal on March 1, 2013 Fire and Earthquake drill and lectures about Fire and how to prevent said incident.

These massive and Intensified campaign done on the occasion of Fire Prevention Month helped a lot the people in the community to become aware of their participation and involvement in building a fire safe and peaceful community to live in.


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