The 1st Quarter of 2013 marks a year full of activity for the entire bureau of fire protection as we all know that fire prevention month falls this quarter. The first monday of January start the busy days for personnel who are in-charge in the collection of fire code fees to those who will renew their business permits. Assigned personnel of this station conducted inspection of different establishments just to ensure that they complied with the needed requirements before releasing their Fire Safety Inspection Certificate. Such as a toxic days particularly to those stations without enough manpower like us but still we managed to achieve its goals and entertain our clients because it is all part of our duties and responsibilities.

Then comes the month of March wherein we celebrated the Fire Prevention Month. Personnel of this station participates the kick-off ceremony which is called “Walk for a Fire Free Nation” and this years’ theme is “Sunog at Sakuna Paghandaan, Kalikasan ay Pangalagaan nang Matamasa ang Pag-unlad ng Bayan.” A line of programs of activities were conducted by the personnel of this station. Almost everyday we go out to different school around Aringay to deliver fire safety tips to the pupils and impart them their involvement to maintain a fire free community. We also conducted fire prevention lectures and drills to the employees/tenants of different resorts and establishment around area of responsibility.

Since according to the statistics that in the past ten years, most affected type of occupancy by fire is residential, hence this year’s observance of fire prevention shall focus more on it. Personnel of this station also conducted house to house inspection and at the same time dissemination of fire safety tips in the house in some barangays of this municipality. It’s not that easy to conduct inspection particularly to the mountainous part of our municipality wherein the inspection team suffered the burden of walking almost three hours (one way) just to reach the school to be inspected along the boundary of Aringay and Benguet and at the same time educate the people living in that place on how to prevent/suppress destructive fire. The inspection team once again proved that our task as agent in maintaining a fire free and safe community thus immeasurable.